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Mother Nature is teasing us here.  We had a few beautiful warm days and now we are set to drop 30 degrees overnight!! Hopefully, it won’t last long and we can break out the shorts soon.  I love the idea of using the little plastic children’s animal toys as models.  Roz Stendahl posted about it on her blog so I dug up some of the kiddo’s and bought a few of my own.  Perfect, they don’t move or take up much room and are always willing to pose for a drawing.


My Valentine’s day roses are wilting, but they still make for interesting drawing models.  The ink I used for this direct ink drawing is by J. Herbin and is rose scented.  It is definitely something I will buy again, it makes a neat writing ink (I couldn’t resist doing DH’s Valentine’s card with it).



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Yippee!! The blog is three years old today! Cyber cake and cookies for everyone!!


I tried to knock out a quick ink drawing so I could post and go to bed but when you draw at warp speed in ink you get warped drawings…………



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I don’t have a clue what this bird plushie is suppossed to be. He reminds me of a cartoon dodo, bright yellow with wispy fluffs for a tail, topknot and assorted other bits and kinda goofy looking.


The kiddos wanted to play basketball before the next cold snap hit, so off we went to the park.  It was too chilly for me so I sat in the van and started sketching this tree.  They left a message for DH to meet them there after work so even though it got so dark I had to turn on the cab lights to finish up, they played on.  DH arrived and a friendly teen showed them how to turn on the giant lights over the court so they could keep on playing and exercising their dad.


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This caffeine topped hairstick was custom made by NightBlooming on Etsy.  I loove her work! I can’t function without caffeine so when she did a few custom molecule topped hairsticks, naturally I requested one with a caffeine molecule topper. Just perfect for the tea guzzling, ex-chemist, mad scientist in me!!


It was so nice out today we went to the park.  The kiddos and DH played basketball and I walked the trail and sketched.  The crazy kiddos were in shorts and t-shirts, while I was bundled in cargos, and a hoodie with the hood up over my 180 earmuffs, LOL!!


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For Jane Lafazio’s Sketchbook and Watercolor on Location class this week, it was sketching outdoors.  It has warmed up here a lot so this was great timing.  I packed up the kiddos and drove to a town south of us with an historic city square complete with a bell tower on top of the old courthouse.  They all sat in the van doing homework while I sketched and painted using the steering wheel easel method,LOL!  We were parked in front of the new city hall anex, I wonder what folks coming in and out thought of the crazy lady drawing away??

For an ink drawing a grabbed a pair of the kiddos headphones.  I stopped buying them the in-the-ear models after reading how that was the worse type for causing hearing damage and started buying them ones that sat outside their ears.  We’ve been through almost every version, the ones that hook over the ears like Bluetooths do, the behind the head,  then over the head types.  The kiddos actually like this old school, earmuff type the best.  It’s comfy on their ears (they even sleep in them) and they say that they can hear more of the music this way, especially complicated pieces like classical piano.  Yes, they do like classical music and listen to it voluntarily along with just about every other flavor of music there is (barring dark, discordant music like death metal).  They are an eclectic bunch.


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I was playing around some more today with pencil-free, direct pen sketching.  It’s very freeing and addictive!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Today’s drawings just had to be roses and hearts.  The direct pen sketch is even made with rose scented ink, LOL!  I looooove the smell of roses.  I rarely wear any other perfume except  Evelyn Rose perfume, it smells just like tea roses–divine. 

2011Feb014 2011Feb014ink


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A great white and a wrought iron leaf, not much in common except that they were my drawings today.  After reading through Irene Brady’s books and blog this week, I was encouraged by the fact that she finishes some parts of her travel journals after the trip.  We had been too busy on our Rocky Mountain Park trip hiking and too exhausted in the evening for me to sketch in my travel journal while we were there.  So, my trip journal has been sitting around unfinished waiting for me to add the drawings I had wanted to put into it.  Well, I guess it is never to late and I did promise R2 to do a drawing of a shark pulling our travel trailer.  Our F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab, besides being a mouthful to say, is huge and a tad intimidating, plus ours is white so the kiddos nicknamed it The Great White Shark.  Like I said, R2 requested a cartoon of The Great White pulling our trailer so it made the perfect subject to pick up drawing in the trip journal with. (Sorry Alex for another shark drawing! I just read your shark comment when I got on to post this. Hope you find this shark a bit friendlier. 😉 )


The wrought iron leaf is from a table we have in our sun room.  I was looking for something to do a direct ink drawing with for today and the table whispered that it wanted its story told…  It was the table DH’s grandparents set up house with and we were given it when we got married.  Once upon a time I believe it was black wrought iron with a glaring yellow top, but it has been redone several times over the years.  When we got it, DH’s dad had painted the iron cream and put on a soft peachish marble top to match our kitchen and we refinished the chairs in upholstery fabric that was mainly peach with slubs of sea foam and cream.  That was over 20 years ago and now it sits in our sun room for the kiddos to work on.  Some things just last forever. 


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I’ve had it with winter and snow and boots.  I am ready for it to be sandal season right now!!  OK, it doesn’t have to be sandal season, just ditch-the-clunky-snow boots-and-Eskimo-gear season.  We had a ray of sunshine and hope today with temps reaching up to 50 degrees, YAY!!!!

Another penciless, fountain pen sketch with a wash.  At this rate I might as well join the gang doing Brenda Swensons 75 Day Sketch Challenge of 75 pen and ink only drawings.  After using the Tombow directly for Jane LaFazio’s class assignment at the museum, I realized skipping the pencil is a very quick and convenient way to sketch when out and about.  I just prefer my stash of vintage fountain pens to the Tombow pens.  The fountain pens, especially the ones with flex nibs, give more line variation and are easier to control.  Plus, I just love collecting and restoring them!!

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The kiddos have a ton of figures they used to play with their action figures.  After seeing the old Batman movie, this became their exploding shark. 


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