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Some Days You Just Don’t Feel Like Drawing….

I’ve been at the hospital to see my mom and I’m wiped.  Vegging out, just playing on the computer when I got bored waiting for a program to update.  I knew I needed to do todays drawing so I decided to see how the little pen I restored yesterday worked out.  It had some ink in the cap that led to messy fingers and smudgy fingerprints on the page, but I think that was because I had capped and put it down on its side right after I inked it and didn’t wipe the nib.  I forgot because R2 and R4 wanted to see what I had been rebuilding last night.  I gave them the tour of the Conklins I had been resacking and that led to playing with all sorts of fountain pens and even some dip pens in my desk. After we were finished I remembered to sit this pen upright with the others.  It is actually a nice little pen. I’d never heard of a Stratford before. I got this one in a lot of pens sold for parts that I bought because one was a Conklin Crescent (my fave pens).  For less than ten dollars and a little time resacking and restoring I have a perfect, sweet flexible nib Crescent and this cute little bulb filler, with its ink gauge window and a semi-flex nib!!

Realized why I’m so beat, I was in such a rush all day that I’ve only had a bagel and a couple glasses of tea. Eeeek, off to eat…………