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I love my children, but somedays they drive me bananas!!!


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I just got back from visiting my mother on her first day in the hospice and decided that tonight’s drawing should be one to lift the spirits.  Daisies are such simple flowers, but no other blossom is so cheery or joyful, IMHO.


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The forsythia in our yard have just now started to blossom, just in time for the snow we have predicted for the weekend!!??!!


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Finally, Spring is here!! It's hard to believe we had snow on the ground last week, it's so nice out today.  Nothing reminds me of Spring more than tulips so that had to be today's drawing.  I corrected the name of the pen I've used for the last three , it is a Pelikan 120 not a Pilot 120 as I had written previously.


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I couldn’t resist buying a pot of bright orange tulips with buds nearly ready to burst open!!


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For the last lesson in Jane Lafazio’s Watercolor on Location class we had to draw moving animals.  Our house is pet-less since we all have major allergies and it is till way too cold to go to the zoo, so I was stumped trying to figure out what to draw.  Luckily there is a nearby Bass Pro that has an indoors pool with fish and ducks.  I went at night and the lighting indoors was dimmer than I would have liked by the pool and I had trouble really seeing the details in the ducks’ plumage.  That was probably a blessing in disguise since it forced me to keep the sketch really simple.  The ducks were in constant motion so this was a really challenging assignment– but a lot of fun!! 2011Feb028


When we came back home I wanted to get in my ink drawing for the day and was at a loss for what to draw.  R2 was surfing the web and I really need work on drawing people, soooooo he was my victim/model for today.  The smear on his elbow is where my fountain pen ‘burped’ on the page.  Vintage pens are nice and have flexible nibs the newer pens can’t even begin to compare with, but they are unpredictable……..


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I don’t have a clue what this bird plushie is suppossed to be. He reminds me of a cartoon dodo, bright yellow with wispy fluffs for a tail, topknot and assorted other bits and kinda goofy looking.


The kiddos wanted to play basketball before the next cold snap hit, so off we went to the park.  It was too chilly for me so I sat in the van and started sketching this tree.  They left a message for DH to meet them there after work so even though it got so dark I had to turn on the cab lights to finish up, they played on.  DH arrived and a friendly teen showed them how to turn on the giant lights over the court so they could keep on playing and exercising their dad.


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This caffeine topped hairstick was custom made by NightBlooming on Etsy.  I loove her work! I can’t function without caffeine so when she did a few custom molecule topped hairsticks, naturally I requested one with a caffeine molecule topper. Just perfect for the tea guzzling, ex-chemist, mad scientist in me!!


It was so nice out today we went to the park.  The kiddos and DH played basketball and I walked the trail and sketched.  The crazy kiddos were in shorts and t-shirts, while I was bundled in cargos, and a hoodie with the hood up over my 180 earmuffs, LOL!!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Today’s drawings just had to be roses and hearts.  The direct pen sketch is even made with rose scented ink, LOL!  I looooove the smell of roses.  I rarely wear any other perfume except  Evelyn Rose perfume, it smells just like tea roses–divine. 

2011Feb014 2011Feb014ink


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I bought some tulips today to get into spring mood.  Nice and cheery on my desk………



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