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Once again my day (and my drawing) has gone past midnight so I’m magically rolling back the time to keep it on ‘my’ sleep deprived mind’s day.  My official line is — the day isn’t reeeeaaallllllly over until I go to bed, LOL.  I really need to start getting to bed earlier!!




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Another late night, early morning and since I haven’t gone to bed yet- it is still officially Wednesday in my brain.  Hence, rolling back the time stamp to 11:59.


A fun lesson from Laure Ferlita’s Artful Journaling Foundations Class.

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It is after 3 am and I am finally finished and posting my drawing/painting for today.  I’m rolling back the time stamp for the post to just before midnight so it posts on Tuesday, ’cause in my feeble brain Tuesday isn’t really over until I go to bed!!


A lesson from Laure Ferlita’s class- An Imaginary Visit to the Garden.

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The first assignment for the Imaginary Trip to the Garden class by Laure Ferlita– violet wood sorrels.


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For the last lesson in Jane Lafazio’s Watercolor on Location class we had to draw moving animals.  Our house is pet-less since we all have major allergies and it is till way too cold to go to the zoo, so I was stumped trying to figure out what to draw.  Luckily there is a nearby Bass Pro that has an indoors pool with fish and ducks.  I went at night and the lighting indoors was dimmer than I would have liked by the pool and I had trouble really seeing the details in the ducks’ plumage.  That was probably a blessing in disguise since it forced me to keep the sketch really simple.  The ducks were in constant motion so this was a really challenging assignment– but a lot of fun!! 2011Feb028


When we came back home I wanted to get in my ink drawing for the day and was at a loss for what to draw.  R2 was surfing the web and I really need work on drawing people, soooooo he was my victim/model for today.  The smear on his elbow is where my fountain pen ‘burped’ on the page.  Vintage pens are nice and have flexible nibs the newer pens can’t even begin to compare with, but they are unpredictable……..


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For Jane Lafazio’s Sketchbook and Watercolor on Location class this week, it was sketching outdoors.  It has warmed up here a lot so this was great timing.  I packed up the kiddos and drove to a town south of us with an historic city square complete with a bell tower on top of the old courthouse.  They all sat in the van doing homework while I sketched and painted using the steering wheel easel method,LOL!  We were parked in front of the new city hall anex, I wonder what folks coming in and out thought of the crazy lady drawing away??

For an ink drawing a grabbed a pair of the kiddos headphones.  I stopped buying them the in-the-ear models after reading how that was the worse type for causing hearing damage and started buying them ones that sat outside their ears.  We’ve been through almost every version, the ones that hook over the ears like Bluetooths do, the behind the head,  then over the head types.  The kiddos actually like this old school, earmuff type the best.  It’s comfy on their ears (they even sleep in them) and they say that they can hear more of the music this way, especially complicated pieces like classical piano.  Yes, they do like classical music and listen to it voluntarily along with just about every other flavor of music there is (barring dark, discordant music like death metal).  They are an eclectic bunch.


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I did a few sketches at the Steamboat Arabia Museum into the Fabriano Venezia Journal.  The last one was done in pencil then lightly gone over with pen and ink and watercolor.  I like the control and feel of sketching with a pencil, but the tombow was fast to sketch with. Since it doesn’t fit completely on my scanner bed, the scan turned out pretty bad, I really have to speed up the search for a large format scanner.


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Our assignment in Jane LaFazio’s Watercolor on Location class was to go sketching in a museum or shop and skip the pencil, instead sketching directly with a Tombow pen.  After church today, I drove up to the Steamboat Arabia Museum to get in some sketches.  I’d never been to the museum before and it was very nice.  Our guide was wonderful, and I would have enjoyed the museum even without sketching.  I’m one of those people who can focus and tune everthing else out (just ask DH, he hates trying to get my attention when I’m reading!!) so I really wasn’t bothered by folks peaking over my shoulder while I was sketching.  I did get a laugh when I was roughing in a sketch of a gunpowder flask.  The gift shop lady stopped by and said, “My, you are intent.  Are you sketching the flask or a lightbulb?”  What a hoot!!! Things like that definitely keep you humble!


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For the watercolor sketching on location class, this week we are to go to a museum and do some pencil-free ink drawings using a watersoluble pen, the Tombow brush pen.  I decided to give mine a test drive at home. It was dinner time when I got home from buying the pens, so I wedged in a couple of super-quicky sketches of Da Bear.   I’m sure glad I did. The Tombow pen handles much differently than watersoluble ink in a fountain pen.  It lays down a lot more ink and when water is added the wash is more intense and harder to control.


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I managed to make it to Starbucks before the incoming blizzard.  This sketch is a two-for:  the last daily drawing in my journal for January and a coffee shop watercolor for Jane LaFazio’s Joggles class.  I did this with Noodlers ink in an old Esterbrook pen. On this paper it wasn’t permanent and smeared with the addition of watercolor, maybe because it is a book of watercolor paper and the sizing kept it from bonding with the paper.  Any way, I like playing with pen and watersoluble ink so it wasn’t that big of a problem…..


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