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For Jane LaFazio's Joggles class this week we were supposed to sketch in a cafe or coffee shop.  I'm a tea drinker and was starving after a night shopping, so I decided to go to Panera instead.  I got my food right off the bat and settled into a booth to sketch it.  I wasn't even finished drawing when one of the employees, came up to me to say they were closing.  Ackkk!!  (The server was really very nice and said I could stay until I was finished, but I didn't want to be impolite and keep the staff from closing.) I slopped some paint on and gulped down my dinner.  The lettering and story were added at home.


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This is the first day of The Sketchbook and Watercolor: On Location Online Class by Jane LaFazio over on Joggles.  Her last class was so much fun, I couldn’t resist this one!!



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Yes, I know I’m horribly late in posting this but that is just how the holidays get around our house.  From Thanksgiving to New Years is just one giant frenzy.  The last Joggles lesson was to draw something man made.  I painted a mug the kiddos got for me on a trip to Yellowstone.  at the time I was really into colecting tea things. I have a lot of cool tea stuff china cups from all over, Russian tea glasses, jade guiwans- but this is the mug I reach for when I feel sick and want a hot cuppa.  It makes me happy.


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Shoe week!!  I drew a pair of Birkies I bought to wear with socks that I knit from my handspun yarns.  Handspun makes toasty warm socks that feel like a cloud. The only problem is mine are a tad thicker than store bought socks and make shoes fit a bit snug.   And why do all that Fair Isle knitting just to hide it in a shoe?  The answer to those problems– Birkies!!




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While doing lesson four, I learned a very inportant lesson– if you are going to draw and paint while holding your subject, have everything ready before you start.  To get the flower at the angle I wanted for the drawing I had to hold it in my left hand.  I forgot to get my paints out so I had to put the flower down to get them.  When I picked up the flower again to paint it, everthing was wonky!  I turned it round and round and never really captured the same view so I just improvised.


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I recently joined a wonderful class at Joggles led by Jane LaFazio called Sketchbook and Watercolor: Journal Style.  I joined up around week two of the six week class and have rushed to catch up.  The class is so much fun and Instructive.  I highly recommend it to everyone!!!!

There is a public Flickr group for this class, so I think it is ok to post my work from the class here on my blog also. I’ll just put up the finished results and not go into the lesson part—ya gotta take the class to get the goodies.

Lesson 1



Lesson 2



Lesson 3




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