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I am wading around here in an overflow of Art of Silliness 3 worksheets that I haven’t posted yet.  Time to get onto the net and off of my desk……….

Silly3.024 Silly3.025 Silly3.026

Silly3.027 Silly3.018 Silly3.018b

Silly3.018c Silly3.018d Silly3.018e

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For Jane LaFazio's Joggles class this week we were supposed to sketch in a cafe or coffee shop.  I'm a tea drinker and was starving after a night shopping, so I decided to go to Panera instead.  I got my food right off the bat and settled into a booth to sketch it.  I wasn't even finished drawing when one of the employees, came up to me to say they were closing.  Ackkk!!  (The server was really very nice and said I could stay until I was finished, but I didn't want to be impolite and keep the staff from closing.) I slopped some paint on and gulped down my dinner.  The lettering and story were added at home.


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Worksheet 3.23 for The Art of Silliness, make and photograph silly faces.



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More from Carla Sonheim’s Art of Silliness 3.  I really am NOT a doodler.  I like drawings that look like something.  I’m not really fond of posting things that look like a two year old did them.  That said, I’m posting these anyway despite my reluctance.  I think I’m just too tired and that’s why I’m feeling sour instead of silly……………….

Silly3.019 Silly3.020

Silly3.021 Silly3.022


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More for The art of Silliness 3.  It was too cold and the snow was too deep to go anywhere for the photo for worksheet 3.16 so this is what happened:


and for worksheet 3.17 of course I saw a firebird in the puzzle!!


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Scribbling along with The Art of Silliness 3…….


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Still plugging away at Carla’s Art of Silliness workshop.  I have to admit combining this with a daily drawing, posting, replying on the web, working in exercise and all my daily Mom duties might be a bit much.


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Silly mixup fun from the Art of Silliness workshop… A flip book ala The Exquisite Corpse.

Silly-3.010a Silly-3.010b


Silly-3.010c Silly-3.010d



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More from The Art of Silliness 3, today connect the dots.  I was picked Squeen of the day for the Yoga Beara photos!! Yay!! It’s good to be the squeen!!  <Waves royally>  LOL  ;D!!


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