Birds on the brain

We've been having so much fun watching the birds that I thought I might try drawing a few.  I was testing out some stamp frames in my sketchbook and they looked bare so I invited some birds to live in them.Bird_stamp_roughs  (Credits to the book, Artist's Photo Reference Songbirds for inspiring the double cardinal pose. )  I liked the look of the bird stamps so I Gpp_stamps used tracing paper and transfered them to my journal. Then got out my trusty watercolors to give them a bit more punch.  Amazing how much inspiration and entertainment you can have for just a little birdseed.

7 thoughts on “Birds on the brain”

  1. Loving that postal frame. I saw the actual stamp….where did it go? Must be in the post below. Happy to see you are having fun carving – and the birds are terrific!

  2. Oooh, more birds! I think they’re wonderful and look great with the border stamps. Hmm…border stamps. Didn’t think of that one. Great idea!

  3. Great images! What chummy birds and you have unlimited ways to color them – like your very own coloring book whenever you feel like it. I don’t know how any of us will be able to stop carving!

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