May Manga Mania Day 9

Everyday_mini The post today is just a teensy bit different than the previous manga sketches.  I thought I'd try something a little more complicated.  Whewww! Was it ever!  It is finished, and I'm exhausted.  The demo in Hart's book makes it look so easy, I didn't know it would take forever to do.Maymanga009

5 thoughts on “May Manga Mania Day 9”

  1. PamYla,
    Thank you for the very kind comments!
    Yes, I am using watercolor pencils, Aqua Monolith, Albrecht Drurer, and Inktense. Sometimes I have used them dry, like on this sketch, and days 2, 3, 5,and 6. Sometimes wet, like days 7 and 8. That leaves days 1 and 4 for ‘real’ watercolor.

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