May Manga Mania Days 10 & 11

Everyday_mini This has been a very busy weekend, I barely got in any time to draw.  I started #10 (ala Hart) on Saturday then sat it aside to go shopping with the family.  It was so late when we finally got home I just vegged out instead of finishing it.  Sunday, of course, was Mother's Day so we went out again for dinner.  I ended up finishing the drawings in the very, very wee hours of the morning.  So much for reversing my night owl tendencies!!

Maymanga010This little one from Sparrow's book seems a bit 'cuter' and more to my liking than Day 9.


2 thoughts on “May Manga Mania Days 10 & 11”

  1. Thanks Rachel!!!
    My son is really showing quite a bit of interest in the manga drawings. He is a such a sweet guy, full of positive comments and super encouraging. He has mentioned more than once that I should draw the Teen Titans Go! characters, one of the comic series that he collects. I’m thinking that by the end of May I hopefully will feel comfy enough that I can do a nice big drawing of them and suprise him with it.

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