Month: August 2008

Here are two quick attempts at the etegami demos in the book, Sanpo No Suisai: Fude Pen De Kaku Kantan Sketch,  by Chihiro Tanaka.  The English title is, Watercolors While Taking a Stroll, Easy Sketches done with a Waterbrush .  The book was recomended on the sketching forum by Russ Stutler.




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I can't believe it, I made a travel journal for our week long trip to Florida and it ended up filling a Handbook completely!!  Of course, I pasted in tons and tons of clippings from brochures, maps, tickets, etc. collected during the trip.  I also added a few pages from my sketchbook.  To make room for them I took out the center page of each of the eight signatures in the book.  Here is a hodgepodge of pages that gives an idea of where we went and how I journal……………


FL-journal001FL-journal002b FL-journal003 




FL-journal014FL-journal009 FL-journal010

FL-journal011FL-journal012 FL-journal013

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