Monthly Sketch Project April 2010, project #2

I had a mini-brain melt and missed the deadline for the second MSP for April, and it was to be from one of my photos, ACCKKK!! ( I really wish Typepad would figure out a way to use emoticons)  Anyway, in my fuzzy brain I thought I had till the end of the month to draw the macaws.  Big surprise when I checked in to see what was up with the Ning group and if we had to change anything about where to post to and found Mr. Linky was closed.  One of these days I'm actually going to get organized and put deadlines on my calendar, then I'll have to make reminders to check the calendar, and post-its to look at the reminders, and tie a string on my finger to remember to dig up the post-its, and……..  Maybe I should just accept the fact that I'm forgetful, eh?  To make a long story short, here are the macaws—


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