2010 EDinM #13 and MSP May


This is another double duty drawing.  This is for EDinM  for the 13th and also for the May challenge for the Monthly Sketch Project.  This is based on a photo submitted to the group by  Chrissy.  


9 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #13 and MSP May”

  1. I recognize the bird from Martine’s drawing. A very good interpretation on dark background.
    I like also your house and barn, specially the barn, really good outside sketching.

  2. I don’t know how I got so far behind with your drawings, but there you are! The flute is lovely (I’d love to hear you play), the barn and log cabin are charming. I don’t see where you have any difficulty with buildings – they’re both very nice. And the bird – well he looks mighty stern as only birds can look. Well done! nancy

  3. Thank you everyone! Colored paper was sooo intimidating to me but now I’m enjoying working on it.

    Nancy- great to see you! I think I just have a mental block about buildings, too many details that have to be just so.

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