2010 EDinM #14, #15


Everyday_mini I didn’t get to post yesterday, so I’m doubling up today.  This is the courthouse tower on the city square just around the corner from where I found the log cabin I drew for the twelfth.  I only did the tower because it was impossible to get a place where I could park long enough to draw and see the whole courthouse.  When I found a decent place to park, it had buildings blocking the body of the courthouse.  Actually, it was no big deal as I was just interested in the clock tower really.  



We planted Japanese Maples (I think) in our front yard a few years ago and either I am really unobservant or this is the first year for them to make seeds.  I found a little green whirligig seed pod on the drive today.  I’m pretty sure we’ve never had them before from our trees, but when I looked at our little tree it had tons on it.  I plucked one off the tree, along with a leaf, to draw tonight.  I wonder if a tree has to be so old or big to make the little seed pods??


2 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #14, #15”

  1. I really like the drawing of the clock tower, and the maple leave and seeds are really nice, too. We used to call those seed things “helicopters”, because of the way they spin when they fall. nancy

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