2010 EDinM #17


After I dropped our older kids off at the teen devo, I drove over to sketch in a little old, historic downtown.  Someone had converted this filling station into a barbecue joint, of all things!  DH and our youngest son were with me. I sketched and R4 did homework and DH did stuff for his job.  I’m surprised a policeman didn’t stop by– I was scribbling away on a pad, DH was ploinking on a computer and lugging paperwork back and forth from the back of the van– we could have been plotting rather nefarious deeds, LOL!!




7 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #17”

  1. I’ve had security ask what I was doing, but I happily showed them my sketchbook, explained that I was looking for reflections, light, shadow, etc. and encouraged them to draw, too! My bubbling over with enthusiasm got them involved with those in their family who like to draw. And all was okay.
    A family friend opened a restaurant, with outdoor seating, in a tiny little old timey filling station in my hometown. But, when winter came and her cook decided he would rather go do drugs and fish, she had to close. Now the Chamber of Commerce is there.
    I think there is only 1 old time, real filling station left in our area. I always want to patronize them, but I don’t drive anymore so I don’t really need their services!
    Enjoyed your blog!

  2. What is there to worry about really? Just show them your pretty sketch and I am sure they’ll inform the entire police department about the awesome artist they found and that they should come over and take a look.
    =) Sorry about the rain though, I personally love rain for sleeping in.

  3. I think it proves the best place to hide would be in plain view – sounds funny all three of you more or less camped out there.

    Nice cheerful sketch you got out of the experience too.

  4. Im with you on that one, I like those old pump/filling stations too. There is one here in our town (but now its an office instead of pump station, but they kept all the old fixings outside).
    Cool drawing and the looks of it, you guys had a great time.

    And I like the bunny from your last post, well done.

  5. Thanks everyone!!
    Alex- “awesome artist”, bless your heart!!!
    I love rain for sleeping in, also. It’s just that we’ve had so much rain here and for so long, I’m thinking of going into the ark building business,LOL!

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