2010 EDinM #18, #19


I ran around like a crazy person on Tuesday shopping with the kiddos.  All I have to show for the 18th is a quick scribble of feet, well a foot and an extra toe peeking out.  My son said, “it must be pretty bad if all you can come up with are your own feet.”  Cheeky boy…


The drawing for the 19th is one of my favorite fountain pens, a Conklin Crescent.  Supposedly this was one of Mark Twain’s as well, since it was easy to fill, wrote for a long time and the crescent prevented swearing caused by his pen rolling away from him!  I just like the feel of the nib and the fact that something nearly 100 years old is still a joy to work with today.  The pen was originally black chased rubber, but sometime during its long life it was exposed to sunlight and oxidized to a nice mellow brown.


Yes, the time stamp for this post is correct.  Once again I’m posting in the wee hours.  I really need to get my hours straightened out………..

8 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #18, #19”

  1. Feet are hard so kudos to you for a job more than well done! Love the story of the pen too! I am so fearful of using my fountain pens (I have two) for drawing. They seem so permanent and yet so fragile to my mind. I’m an oddball so pay no attention to that (wo)man behind the curtain!

  2. Great job on your sketches and keeping up with EDinM! I did that last year and I know how overwhelming it can be. You are doing great!

  3. Nice sketches! I especially like the one of your feet. Interesting to hear about your fountain pen–I just bought a vintage Conklin but it is not as old as yours. I am just learning how to use it. Do you have a favorite ink to use in your pen?

  4. Thanks everyone!!
    AutumnLeaves- Go for it!! Fountain pens are fun to draw with!
    Janene- I like the Noodlers inks. Lots of colors and the Bulletproof ones are permanent on some papers (if there is a lot of sizing on the paper or you write really heavy with a wet, flexy nib it will not be waterproof). I like washing the non waterproof variety with a waterbrush for tone.
    Raena- I loooove flex nibs! This one isn’t a true ‘wet noodle’ but for some reason I just liked the look of it better than my superflexy Watermans for a quick sketch. Maybe it is the crescent, or the Twain story, or just the fact that this particular one is one that I restored myself instead of purchasing already restored like the others, but it is a fave of mine.

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