2010 EDinM #20, #21, #22


I’m catching up on my EDinMs since we finally had a sunny day today and I could get out and sketch buildings.  While I was sketching this church from my van DH and the kiddos stopped by in his car.  R2 snuck up on me and scared me to death while I was sketching.  Luckily, I was just doing the pencil part so the wild mark I made on the page was easily removed.  DH is the bestest, the reason they stopped by was to bring me a caramel sundae since it was really hot and muggy out!!


I started sketching this ivy covered barn right before sundown.  It was greyish white, but the sunset cast a lovely golden light on it.  While I was sketching the lady whose house I was parked in front of came out to see what I was there for, a policeman slooooowly cruised next to me, and two dogwalkers chatted about what a neat old barn it was.


This final sketch was right at sundown.  It got so dark in the van that I couldn’t see the color of the paint in my palette box so I finished it at home.

So there, I’m all caught up again.

5 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #20, #21, #22”

  1. Each of these are lovely! How cool of your husband, though I did get a kick out of the mental image caused by R2 giving you a fright! Your building pieces are all so cool!

  2. All of these are great! And I had to laugh about R2, but also the policeman slowly driving by, and they neighbors checking you out!

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