2010 EDinM #8

Everyday_miniI didn’t get to sketch a building, but I did do a little still life with a prop.  This is an old Kewpie doll knockoff.  My son, R2 (No, not the Star Wars droid!  All the kiddos names begin with Rs so we have R1-R4.) said it looked like a little piggy.  I agree.


8 thoughts on “2010 EDinM #8”

  1. I’m sorry, but I think he looks like something from a horror movie… A great sketch, but he does look a bit scary. (Now that I look again, Iäm not even sure why, because he has a nice enough face, it’s probably just something about my own previous experience I guess).

    I like your manga figure by the way, nice!

  2. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments!! I was feeling a bit wilted and drained after the round robin and they were just the pick-me-up that I needed.

    Johanna- I agree, he does look like a bit scary, like a cross between The Staypuffed (sp?) Marshmallow Man and Chuckie!!

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