Every Day Matters challenge #10- Draw a hand

I took a bit of a break but I’m back drawing and posting.  I just got in a new sketchbook, the Raffine Art Sketch, from Jerry’s Artorama and had to try it out.  It reminds me a lot of the Aquabee Super Deluxe Sketchbook.  It has nice heavy paper, 100 lb, that didn’t buckle with watercolor.  Unfortunately, like the Aquabee, attempting to lift off color fuzzes up the paper.  I need to do some tests with pen and ink to see how that works out.  The sizing in the Aquabee I’ve been using keeps the ink from sinking into the paper and it takes a while to dry and smears easily.  Hopefully, the Raffine will do better with ink.

Here is my quick test watercolor in the Raffine sketchbook.  Yes, those are my real, natural nails and yep, they are green this week.  I love polishing my nails with fun colors!  Unfortunately, my sketch didn’t do the color of the polish justice.  It is a really nice, shiny emerald green that has a sparkle to it like the  green paint on my van.  What can I say, I’m a redhead and I think there is a rule somewhere that we have to love green!


10 thoughts on “Every Day Matters challenge #10- Draw a hand”

  1. Love the painting and love the nail color. I found out, while getting a pedicure a couple of weeks ago, that they really FROWN upon you using the nail polish to color in the nail polish bottle that you’ve sketched in your sketchbook.
    😉 But, I did get an accurate color at any rate!

  2. Whoo hoo! Check out them green fingernails! Love this sketch. How do you like the Raffine sketchbook? How does it compare to an Aquabee (assuming you’ve used an Aquabee)?

  3. Pretty decent hand – they are so hard – I just bought two books on drawing hands so I can learn to do it right! Problem is I have to practice.

  4. Good job on the hand and nails. I wish I had nails like yours but I have really weak ones plus I’m a nail biter. If you like to use watercolor why don’t you use watercolor paper?

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!!

    Deborah- see the next post for a comparison of the two.

    Margaret- I’m pretty hard to miss, five ft tall, long red hair past my tush, and crazy nails!! LOL!!

    Dan- I can’t resist buying books. At least now my non-art books are all ebooks so DH doesn’t have fits and start recalculating the loading I’m placing on our floors!! I should make more of an effort to practice as much as I read =)

    Timaree- I like to keep everything in a sketchbook or journal so I can just drag it everywhere with me. I can’t find a journal that is watercolor in a size I like and is not landscape format or perforated. Plus I do like to do pen and ink and graphite sketches also, so I’ve been trying to find a nice all around paper. I’m leaning more and more to just binding my own journals, but DH might keel over if I add on yet another hobby. =0!!

  6. Wow, look at those nails! 😀 Great sketch! And I had to have a laugh at your comment back to Timaree re: DH “might keel”…I think that’s what is stopping me from binding my own books too!

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