Sketchbook and Watercolor: Journal Style Class

I recently joined a wonderful class at Joggles led by Jane LaFazio called Sketchbook and Watercolor: Journal Style.  I joined up around week two of the six week class and have rushed to catch up.  The class is so much fun and Instructive.  I highly recommend it to everyone!!!!

There is a public Flickr group for this class, so I think it is ok to post my work from the class here on my blog also. I’ll just put up the finished results and not go into the lesson part—ya gotta take the class to get the goodies.

Lesson 1



Lesson 2



Lesson 3




3 thoughts on “Sketchbook and Watercolor: Journal Style Class”

  1. I really like the complementary colors. I can draw, but when it comes to color, I really have a hard time with it. But I can see you did a very nice job here.

  2. Thank you!! Color stumps me also. Doing a test smear of them on scrap paper helps me to see if they will work out, although sometimes I still mess up (like about 90% of the time,LOL!).

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