Month: January 2011

Some things are absolute perfection.  They are not always the prettiest or fanciest or most expensive thing.  They just do what they were made to do and do it perfectly and reliably. They are the things that we reach for and use over and over again and would be miserable without.  That's my trusty Brown Betty teapot.  It's not much to look at but brews and pours a perfect cuppa, spot on with no drippies.  Perfection. A classic.


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Today our sermon was on Jesus as The Good Shepherd.  I'm in a fluffy mood, so for my drawing ewe get a chibi sheep.  (I know baaaaad puns!)



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We just had two buy a couple of these apples from Whole Foods.  They are as big as grapefuits!! One would definitely fill me up.


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Judging by the look on R4’s face, I think I was talking a bit fast when I explained how to diagram a sentence.  Don’t worry, he got it eventually and cranked out his homework, LOL!



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More for The art of Silliness 3.  It was too cold and the snow was too deep to go anywhere for the photo for worksheet 3.16 so this is what happened:


and for worksheet 3.17 of course I saw a firebird in the puzzle!!


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This is the first day of The Sketchbook and Watercolor: On Location Online Class by Jane LaFazio over on Joggles.  Her last class was so much fun, I couldn’t resist this one!!



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I just realized that I have been putting the wrong year on the last few entrys in my journal.  It seems  I’m stuck in 2010!! This is a brush that I use to dust off eraser crumbs, nice and soft…


Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan in an old Estie plus a little watercolor.

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The snow had just melted and now it is at it again!!  R1 and R2 are out shoveling the drive for DH.  Poor guy, he’s been trying to get home for almost three hours!


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Scribbling along with The Art of Silliness 3…….


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Between my daughter and myself we have dozens of these things. The sad part of it is, neither of us wear them outside of the house. We just use them to clip up wet hair or to pull our hair back quickly when cooking or cleaning.


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