Month: January 2011

Still plugging away at Carla’s Art of Silliness workshop.  I have to admit combining this with a daily drawing, posting, replying on the web, working in exercise and all my daily Mom duties might be a bit much.


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What a pair of bruised, banged up bananas.  Honestly, they didn’t look so bad when we bought them.


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Take out and a movie in, a lazy night….


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Fezzess are cool, too!  Can you tell we like to watch Doctor Who at our house??? EDM 304–Something you can tie.


 This page has a tab where I cut out a page beforehand to keep the book from splaying (the red squiggly by the gutter).  I didn’t realize it until I was finished but the other spread with a tab that I’ve done so far in this book is about R3’s Who shoes. Hmmm, next time I run into a tabbed spread I guess it wiil have to be Who themed also, hehehe…

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It’s cold out so it is time for cheesy vegetarian chili. Yummm, smells good!!  DH’s official meal.  The hubster loves to cook by dumping cans of stuff in a giant pot, so this is his perfect meal to make, LOL!!


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Silly mixup fun from the Art of Silliness workshop… A flip book ala The Exquisite Corpse.

Silly-3.010a Silly-3.010b


Silly-3.010c Silly-3.010d



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My mousie buddy was getting hungry so it was time for a feeding.  This is my kind of mouse no cleanup, no worries!!


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More from The Art of Silliness 3, today connect the dots.  I was picked Squeen of the day for the Yoga Beara photos!! Yay!! It’s good to be the squeen!!  <Waves royally>  LOL  ;D!!


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I really enjoy going to the local Christmas concert each year with our children.  They all like hearing the music being played live by the symphony.  The choir and ballet dancers are fun and of course, the grand entry of Santa has always been a hit.  Unlike the rest of the family I am absolutely nonmusical, can’t even carry a tune in a bucket.  Still, I enjoy listening and looking.  I was intrigued this last time by the elegant lines of the bass player and the bass and how the stage lighting  enhanced them.  I really wish I had     sketched it.  It kept bouncing around in my head, so I frankensteined a bunch of stock and publicity photos and recreated the scene somewhat.  Hmmm, the placement on the page could have been better.  Poor guy has the page gutter running through his head!!!


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