Month: January 2011

Why is it that I have tons of single gloves with missing mates??  Where do they all go?  Do aliens beam them up or do glove monsters gobble them down?  Maybe they are all out partying with the lost socks….


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  The continuing Saga of silliness.  More from Carla Sonheim’s The Art of Silliness.


And my five photos for 3.7–

Ffredted Ffredted4Ffredted5



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We’ve had our first snow for the year.  R1 and R2 went out and shoveled the drive to surprise DH when he got home. I guess they hadn’t gotten enough of the snow, because after DH got home they grabbed him and R4 and went out to play.  Meanwhile, R3 and I stayed nice and toasty warm inside.


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My weekend contributions to Silly the Third.  What a fun group!!




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It had snowedthis morning and more is expected tonight.  Driving was still OK, but the trucks were on the job.


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After destroying yet another pair of tennies(in less than four months this time), R3 just had to have a pair of Converse tennis shoes.  A lot of the girls she knows have them, but she wanted them after seeing the tenth Doctor wearing them.  His were red and high-topped, but her favorite color is blue.  We searched all over to find a blue pair in her size.  She was tickled pink when we found these!!  We tease her about buying her a bow tie and fez like the eleventh Doctor, but she is a good sport.

(The funny scallops are because, in bound journals, I trim out pages so the book won’t splay later when it is full.)




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I signed up for Carla Sonheim’s The Art of Silliness 3 and it is a blast!!!!! Here are my first three silly sheets:




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I got this little guy at the store last night. Smells yummy, but he is pretty green.  Do Satsumos continue to ripen once picked??


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I bought this liitle eraser on impulse for R4.  He loves it and has threatened anyone who uses it as an eraser and ‘ruins’ it!  He has been playing all night with it as a pet for his Mini-Mates.



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