Sandal Season NOW!!!

I’ve had it with winter and snow and boots.  I am ready for it to be sandal season right now!!  OK, it doesn’t have to be sandal season, just ditch-the-clunky-snow boots-and-Eskimo-gear season.  We had a ray of sunshine and hope today with temps reaching up to 50 degrees, YAY!!!!

Another penciless, fountain pen sketch with a wash.  At this rate I might as well join the gang doing Brenda Swensons 75 Day Sketch Challenge of 75 pen and ink only drawings.  After using the Tombow directly for Jane LaFazio’s class assignment at the museum, I realized skipping the pencil is a very quick and convenient way to sketch when out and about.  I just prefer my stash of vintage fountain pens to the Tombow pens.  The fountain pens, especially the ones with flex nibs, give more line variation and are easier to control.  Plus, I just love collecting and restoring them!!

8 thoughts on “Sandal Season NOW!!!”

  1. Great pen drawings! And I really enjoyed your blog. You’ve inspired me to get my old pens back out and your pages have given me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing them! šŸ™‚

  2. I know these shoes! Aren’t these the Columbia Omni-heat or Omni-warm or something that’s got internal battery powered heater to keep your feet warm or something?
    Anyway, lovely sketch!

  3. Thanks Alex! I wish these were the spiffy heated boots! Unfortunately, they are just the low tech version. Good at keeping my feet dry and great traction- Columbia makes some pretty good boots, IMHO.

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