Month: March 2011

Wow, thirty days of direct ink drawing with only forty-five days left.  Seventy-five days is looking like a loooong time!!  Today was a quickie with a vintage Swan self filler and Noodler’s Ink.  This is a REALLY sketchy sketch because the pen literally stunk.  When resacing an old hard rubber pen sometimes there is this nasty burnt rubber smell that occurs while filing the old sac bits off the neck.  This pen smells like that but I’ve never refurbished it or replaced the sac as I bought it in working order with a nice pliable sac.  I’ll have to figure out some way to get rid of the smell, maybe polish down the whole pen.  If I don’t this pen won’t see anymore use, it’s just way too smelly!  It would be a shame to shelve it since it has a nice nib and this really cool metal sleeve that it fits into to clip into a pocket- obviously a pre-integrated clip era model.


We were waiting for DH to finish up on the phone to watching a DVD so I did this little guy to kill time…


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Scribbles, with his little quiver and pencil, is the last of my merry band of Pocket Dragon plushies.  The guys were from the cartoon series, Pocket Dragon Adventures, that was based on the figurines by Real and Muff Musgrave.  The plushies were just so cute that I had to add them to the stuffed animal zoo in my computer room.


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Cuddles looks like I felt yesterday- all droopy and sleepy, LOL!  Thankfully I am feeling much better now!


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Specs is day 26 (I believe) in my quest to finish the 75 Day Direct Ink Drawing Challenge.  Poor little guy barely got drawn, I seem to have gotten the kiddos stomach bug and I just want to sleep.  Still, with ink- only he didn’t take too long to draw and I was determined to do a drawing today– you never know how you’ll feel tomorrow…….


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Another ink drawing of a little Pocket Dragon plushie.  Just drawing them gives me a craving for Oreo cookies, their favorite food.


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Another Pocket Dragon for today, Zoom Zoom in his little aviator's cap. Once upon a time, these were a popular collectors item from the creative minds of Real and Muffie Musgrave.  They sold all sorts of plushies and figurines of the Oreo loving Pocket Dragons.


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The ink drawings for the 75 Day challenge were getting a little monotonous on plain white pages so I splashed a background on todays drawing. I think it stil counts as it was done directly in ink, it’s just not quite so blah and boring.


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Twenty-two days of the 75 Day Ink Only Challenge down, only fifty-three more to go!!  I used to think Every Day in May was a long, tough challenge— cakewalk compared to 75 days!!!  I am learning a lot, like how to dive right in with a pen and to live with the inevitable mistakes. I'm learning to let go of perfectionism and just get the drawing down.  Plus, ink only is fast and that is a big plus when sketching on a trip with an impatient family. 


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Ugg, I’m feeling even worse today with my eyes so tired and dry I didn’t even attempt wearing my contacts!! I wasn’t really in the mood to draw anything but I was able to doodle this little gnome…….


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Today was a busy day and by the time I got around to drawing I was feeling pretty zonked.  I grabbed the little dragon plushie that guards my printer and drew him.  The problem is, how do you draw fur in ink??  I’m too tuckered to figure it out so here he is- warts and all…..


Aaah, direct ink drawing- what an incredibly humbling drawing method, no way to hide the mistakes here.  It destroys any pretentions I might have had, LOL!!!

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