Month: April 2011

Today’s drawing is one of my toys, a Native American Flute made out of bamboo by Faheem Wynn.  This one is flame scorched a bit with a dark bird and he named it Phoenix!  I love it, especially how it bows a bit and angles at the last growth ring.  Somehow, even though it isn’t a perfect machine made tube, it still sounds sweet.


I’m not sure why the ink feathered so badly in this drawing, it was my standard Noodlers (although in Beaver this time).  Maybe the brown is a tad thinner, or the nib of this Esterbrook is extra flexy and laid down a wetter line, or I fuzzed up the paper a bit when I painted the background before I began— or a combination of all three factors.  Who knows…  Anyway, in the spirit of the 75 Days of Ink, I just lived with it.  For me the main part of this challenge has been accepting a drawing as it is and not fussing with it, something I’m still struggling with.  Just twelve more days of Direct Ink Drawings!!

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Yay!!! It is finally warm enough to break out the sandals!!!  Plus, there are only 13 more days to go in my little 75 Days of Direct Ink Sketches.  Woohoo!!


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Searching for something to draw tonight I saw this sitting on R2’s desk.  He got it a few years ago from Colonial Williamsburg.


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I love the looks of old dip pens, especially ones with an unusual twist like this one with a curvy oak holder.  Unfortunately, I don’t care to use dip pens.  I always forget the proper way to pull the nib and end up spattering my page with ink!!  Who knows though, maybe eventually I will learn to love using them.  I didn’t like the Tombow pens when I first tried them and here I am making yet another drawing using one!!



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I’m exhausted, but this little troll is just so hilarious with his wild hair that I managed the energy for a quickie sketch before hitting the sack.  (Wow!  What a run on sentence.  I really do need to get some sleep!!!)


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I really need to learn to quit while I am ahead.  I chewed up the paper with my pen nib trying to get the darks darker in this drawing.  I should learn to stop while I can!!


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My faithful model, Manny…….


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Just a quickie doodle of a carnation for tonight………


Only nineteen more drawings left to go in the 75 Day Direct ink Challenge!!

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R1 collects old comic books and The Flash is one of his favorites.  I borrowed this little bust of Flash from him to draw today.


Only 20 more days left in The 75 Days of Direct Ink Drawings!!!

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R3 loves the movie musical,  Phantom of the Opera so when it came to town during her birthday we HAD to go see the stage show.  She had a blast getting all dressed up and we had wonderful seats right at the edge of the balcony.  She had a huge grin on her face all night long! It was so much fun that the next time the show comes around we will be going together again for sure.


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