More Travel Journal Pages

I have been avoiding my blog and posting since we returned from our trip. I’m not sure why, maybe it was entropy or maybe I just got burned out posting daily earlier in the year… Anyhooo, here are a couple of pages I started while waiting for tour guides to take us through a pair of lovely old buildings. I finished them at home with pics of the sites. Maybe this will get the ball rolling and I will start posting again.


These were made in a Midori Traveler’s Notebook with a craft insert I cut down to fit. The previous post was the same notebook with a Strathmore Aquarius II watercolor paper insert. The kiddos think the notebook is cool and looks like something Indiana Jones would own. I’m still not sure if I like it. Having multiple inserts with different paper is nice, so is being able to refill it. However, the narrow width feels weird and forces me to do full spread, double page layabouts. The Aquarius paper is pretty strange also, it feels thin and almost fuzzy. It is a pretty big change from the Arches watercolor I have been working on.


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