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Food that is getting to old or squishy to eat is fair game for drawing models………….


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We just had two buy a couple of these apples from Whole Foods.  They are as big as grapefuits!! One would definitely fill me up.


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The snow had just melted and now it is at it again!!  R1 and R2 are out shoveling the drive for DH.  Poor guy, he’s been trying to get home for almost three hours!


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What a pair of bruised, banged up bananas.  Honestly, they didn’t look so bad when we bought them.


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I got this little guy at the store last night. Smells yummy, but he is pretty green.  Do Satsumos continue to ripen once picked??


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While doing lesson four, I learned a very inportant lesson– if you are going to draw and paint while holding your subject, have everything ready before you start.  To get the flower at the angle I wanted for the drawing I had to hold it in my left hand.  I forgot to get my paints out so I had to put the flower down to get them.  When I picked up the flower again to paint it, everthing was wonky!  I turned it round and round and never really captured the same view so I just improvised.


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I recently joined a wonderful class at Joggles led by Jane LaFazio called Sketchbook and Watercolor: Journal Style.  I joined up around week two of the six week class and have rushed to catch up.  The class is so much fun and Instructive.  I highly recommend it to everyone!!!!

There is a public Flickr group for this class, so I think it is ok to post my work from the class here on my blog also. I’ll just put up the finished results and not go into the lesson part—ya gotta take the class to get the goodies.

Lesson 1



Lesson 2



Lesson 3




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My second oldest son, R2, had been out with me getting in a bit of driving practice and when we got home we found this little guy in our driveway.  I got out to shoo the bunny off the drive so he could pull the van in.  Mr. bunny really wasn’t very afraid of me.  He just hopped off a few feet into some grass under the maple tree from my last post.  He seemed pretty content to sit there watching us watch him.  This was too good to pass up.  My son has been playing with a new lens for his camera and so he took a few pics of the bunny for me.  I think it was fun to combine our hobbies and draw from one of his photos.


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Everyday_mini I didn’t get to post yesterday, so I’m doubling up today.  This is the courthouse tower on the city square just around the corner from where I found the log cabin I drew for the twelfth.  I only did the tower because it was impossible to get a place where I could park long enough to draw and see the whole courthouse.  When I found a decent place to park, it had buildings blocking the body of the courthouse.  Actually, it was no big deal as I was just interested in the clock tower really.  



We planted Japanese Maples (I think) in our front yard a few years ago and either I am really unobservant or this is the first year for them to make seeds.  I found a little green whirligig seed pod on the drive today.  I’m pretty sure we’ve never had them before from our trees, but when I looked at our little tree it had tons on it.  I plucked one off the tree, along with a leaf, to draw tonight.  I wonder if a tree has to be so old or big to make the little seed pods??


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A few years back I planted a little corner garden full of plants that would attract butterflies and birds.  A birdfeeder was nearby and some millet and other seeds got loose in the patch and grew into monsters so eventually we mowed the patch down.  This year a few hardy volunteer echinacea plants and sunflowers are  reminders of where the garden was.


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