Snippets from a full journal

Time to say farewell to my little green handbook journal.  It is finally full and ready to be shelved.  To celebrate I'm posting some snippets from it to the blog.  Mostly the book is full of written narrative about our trips, etc.  A good portion of the other pages are pasted in ephemera from the trips.  Nothing like a map to tell you where you've been……


A fun watercolor memory complete with ephemera………


Another paste in and watercolor…….


Sometimes there are really odd combos of paste-ins, watercolor, stickers, and rub-ons on my pages….


2 thoughts on “Snippets from a full journal”

  1. Sounds as though you grew quite attached to your little green journal. I’ve been using my hand*book for a year now but I’m not finding the paper as pleasantly smooth as the Daler sketchbooks I’m used to, so some of the more enjoyable sketches I’ve done in it have been on papers I’ve pasted in. Your drawing of the rock is just lovely.

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