Lent Feb. 26

Did you ever have a day where everything went wrong?  First DS says the rainbow was too bright, so I toned it down. Next DH peeks in and says it’s too dull, he liked it better before.  Then, even though I had let the lettering sit for at least half an hour, it smeared all over the place when I erased the guidelines. Ughhh!! That purple all around the letters is Noodler’s nightshade ink.  After it left giant smears all I could think to do was wash some water over it to even out and lighten up the purple black smears.  What a mess!!  I’m too tired to start over so here it is, warts and all………..


2 thoughts on “Lent Feb. 26”

  1. All of these are wonderful. I’m glad you posted this. It shows that what we do is not easy. 🙂 But, I kind of like the effect of the purple haze around you lettering. At least you came up with a solution to the obstacle in your path. As for the rainbow, just call it a collaborative family effort.

  2. Thank you, the ‘collaborative family effort’ made me laugh! Such a gentle way of phrasing it, when I felt like smacking their heads together, LOL!!

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