Yoga fun

Yesterday the kiddos were downstairs when I did my yoga tape so I got a little extra ‘help’.  R3 kept me talking and giggling during tree so that I got all wobbly, much to her amusement.  Then in crow, R2 came up behing me and gave my tush a litle push and I tipped over, next while breathing in half lotus with my eyes closed R4 snuck up nose-to-nose with me to surprise me when I opened my eyes.  We all had a laugh during the time when you are supposed to be saying Om.  I sub in what we jokingly call the ‘pirate’ mantra, rrrrrr, to fit my faith and sense of humor.  R4 started pirating then the rest joined in and it quickly degenerated from there.  It sounds like they were a distraction, but it was actually quite fun and we had a lot of laughs.


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